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Best Friends

This spring has given me some wonderful time with some of my best friends.

There was the Sunday afternoon with my friend Teresa remembering the hot sticky nights as camp counselors at Bible Camp.

We would sneak out after our campers were asleep and sit on the footbridge between our cabins, eating chocolate and sharing dreams.

There was the time spent in the kitchen with my mom and sisters preparing for and cleaning up after several family graduations. The laughter, the joking, and the memories we shared are priceless.

And just last night I had a phone call from my college roommate Kimmer. Although I haven’t seen her in over five years and haven’t talked to her in months, we picked up like it was just yesterday. We laughed and shared and remembered those crazy days in college back when we were young and single. (Several babies ago!)

To have friends like these makes me truly rich!

Oh the comfort,

the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person:

having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words,

but to pour them out.

Just as they are – chaff and grain together,

knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them,

keep what is worth keeping,

and then with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

George Eliot, 1819-1880

Who is the Thrifty lady?

Who is the Thrifty Lady?

I am a wife, a mom of five, and a home school teacher. I have lived on a tight budget my entire life.

My Mom was thrifty before me and her mom before her. It is ingrained in me.

And it comes in handy. Really handy!

Being frugal isn’t a choice, it’s a lifestyle.

I had to be thrifty – ’cause the money just wasn’t there to spend.

Webster’s dictionary defines Thrift as: “Carefully managing one’s money or resources, economy, frugality.”

Yep, that’s me!

I’d love to share what I know.

How to turn a pair of pants into a cute pair of capris, how to make something from nothing, how to creatively use left-overs, and how to make your own seasonings.

Want to learn more? Just click on the category “Thrifty Ideas” in the side bar.

A Trip to the Mississippi River

These “landlubbers” recently took a Sunday jaunt to the Quad Cities to attend a graduation party. We had packed a sack lunch to enjoy by the Mississippi River since it’s something we don’t see often.

It was fun to see the barges, the trains, the sailboats, and even the jet skies, but our highlight was seeing the birds, especially the pelicans.

We watched them swim, dive, take off and land. What a treat it was!

Living a Quiet Life

Mossy Yard Swing

“You should also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your hands, as we commanded you.” I Thess. 4:11

I used to think that living a quiet life meant living in quiet surroundings. I have since found out that that simply isn’t the case.

We live in very peaceful surroundings here in the country; no loud music blaring, no traffic (unless you count the Amish buggies and an occasional tractor). We wake up every morning to the simple sounds of the crowing of roosters, the honking of Canadian Geese, or the chirping of birds outside our windows.

Yet my life is not always quiet and peaceful.

Webster’s dictionary defines “quiet” as “being calm, untroubled, free of turmoil and agitation.”

Having a quiet life has nothing to do with my surroundings, but everything to do with my spirit.

If I want to live a quiet life, I need to be willing to give up a few things.

Things like:







Impossible expectations.


What is robbing the quiet in your life today? Don’t look around you, look within.

“Aspire to live a quiet life…”

Parkersburg, Iowa Tornado

We were driving west on I80 last Sunday when the news of the deadly tornado in Parkersburg first hit the air waves. Growing up just a few miles from there, I was shocked by the pictures that were shown. I know the area well, but could find no landmarks in the massive destruction.

We have since learned that it was a very rare EF5 storm, the strongest one to hit Iowa in 30 years. We’ve also learned that there are very few safe places to go in a storm with winds this strong.

It has been amazing to hear the stories of survival; the mom who held on to her children as the wind tried to suck them up; the man who was fishing and returned home to devastation, the elderly women who was dug out from under the rubble.

The other amazing thing I’m hearing and seeing is the quiet determination to get to work, salvage what we can and move forward.

If you would like to see some home video of the storm and pictures of its aftermath check out:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who have lost so much in Parkersburg.