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I don’t think CD players like me.

Maybe I’m jinxed or something – but this is getting kind of crazy.

I like to have a CD player in the kitchen so I can listen to music while I work. Sounds simple – right? Ha!

Things started to go wrong when we were still living in the hovel. I had left my windows open one Sunday when we went to church and a freak rain storm blew in.

Of course my CD player was sitting right under the open window.  It was history.

My wonderful sister Sandy got me a new one for Christmas and I greatly enjoyed having music to work by – for a while – until one of the kids ran through the kitchen really fast and knocked it down.  It, too, was history.

Things didn’t get any better in the new house. My sweet husband got me a wonderful new one. It was all silver with a sleek modern design – really nice! It worked pretty well, too.

Well – at least most of the time.

But then one day I went to switch on the radio and it wasn’t there. The whole player had simply vanished. I found it later in one of the kid’s rooms. Their CD player had broken and they just couldn’t go to sleep without listening to Adventures in Odyssey or Jonathon Parks – so they borrowed mine. Long term.

My dear husband felt sorry for me  and offered to share one of the CD players he had in the shop. I don’t even want to know how many layers of dust he had to remove to make it presentable!  I took one look at that behemoth and said, “We’ve got us a Boom Box!”

This thing is old it still has a cassette player. Remember cassettes? They’re those square plastic things that you have to rewind to listen to. Oh yeah – it’s old.

It’s also a monster. The speakers alone as a big as dinner plates!

I smiled.  This thing wasn’t just gonna play music – no – it was going to blast music!

There was just one problem. It didn’t like me.

Jan put a CD in and it played beautifully. A few nights later I put a CD in and that monstrosity wouldn’t even turn on. So I asked Dagmar to fix it for me. She simple walks in the room and the silly thing lights up.

She laughing says, “Wow, all I have to do is walk in the room and it works!”

I laughed too. But it wasn’t really funny.

I push the buttons to start the first song – nothing.

Jan walks in the room – pushes the same button and the room is full of music.

He walks out of the room and it stops.

Seriously people. It stopped. I am not kidding.

It doesn’t like me. It seems the only way I can listen to music is if Dagmar or Jan are standing in the room beside it!

This just isn’t fair.

So – if any of my dear and wonderful children are actually reading Mommy’s blog post – please know that all I really want for Christmas is a new CD player for my kitchen. With a radio. And  a clock.  Maybe an under counter model. And if it could remind me to water the plants or put sugar on the grocery list that would be even better! 🙂

Okay – who am I kidding.   With my luck the whole thing will explode – or not pick up any radio stations unless you stand in a certain way with one foot touching the south window and the other one over your head.

Maybe all I really want is my fancy silver CD player back. At least it played music on Tuesdays, Thursdays and every other Sunday.

I’m jinxed – I tell you. Jinxed.

(Did I ever tell you about the set of three cordless phones I got for Christmas that got zapped in a freak  lightening storm? It was about 2 AM…)


It’s been a painful week here for one of us – Dagmar had dental surgery on Tuesday for her last dental implant.

It’s been a long haul.

She first injured her mouth several years ago. She was giving Angel Girl a piggy back ride and slipped on the linoleum floor. Her face took the full force of the fall.

She had emergency dental surgery and the dentist was able to reattach her two front teeth – but warned that the roots may not grow back.

They didn’t.

We knew they would need to be replaced – preferably with dental implants.

For the last few years we’ve have prayed those 2 teeth to stay in place until her mouth was it’s adult size so we would only have to do it once.

We finally made it and her first implant was done in April.

It hurt. Really bad. For a long time.

She was not looking forward to this surgery.

Three hours in the dentist chair later – her old dead tooth was removed, the roots cleaned up, and a titanium screw was twisted into the bone. Ouch.

There’s a certain relief that the worst of it is over,  but it’s still been a long painful week for my girl. She has lost her appetite for everything. At one point this want-to-be chef moaned , “Why do people have to have three meals a day anyway!”

I’ve been struggling to find something she would eat that didn’t require chewing.

I’ve offered smoothies and shakes and puddings – but she wasn’t interested.

Soup? No thanks.

Ice cream? I don’t think so.

She finally said that my butternut squash casserole with marshmallows on top didn’t sound too bad.

You got it honey.

Maybe some mashed potatoes.

No problem.

Thankfully, everyday she gets a little bit better. Yesterday she went to town for a haircut and stopped for a few minutes at the local thrift store.

She came home all excited about the cool official Red Cross knapsack she found – circa WWII.

It was so good to see her bubbly personality again!

I just smiled and told Angel Girl, “I think we’ve got our girl back!

Now if only she could eat again…

Cooking with Crash

Life with a house full of teenagers is never dull – especially when it comes to food.

Now I figure that it’s my job as a mom to teach my kids the life skills needed to make it on their own in this big world.

And since everyone needs to eat to survive – it stands to reason that cooking needs to be taught – even to my sons.

That’s when things start to get interesting.

Pedro (aka: Crash – so nicknamed because of his infamous tractor in the ditch incident) had some real doozies lately.

The kids are responsible to make their own breakfasts on school mornings. They actually enjoy the freedom to make what they want.

Crash was really hungry one morning and decided to make a really large pancake. He used 3 cups of pancake mix –  enough to make 21 pancakes!

That was one BIG pancake! He did eat it all ( with the help of his siblings). But boy did that thing soak up the syrup!

Then there’s the barbecue.

I have 5 kids – so each one gets a night to make supper. They get to help plan the menu for the evening, do the cooking, and then are excused from dishes.

Crash cooks on Friday night. He wanted to make grilled hamburgers.

SupperHe got distracted.

We ate it anyway – but his siblings gave him a bit of grief.

Dagmar -” Love the char you got on these burgers Crash!”

Crash- “Thank you – I worked all day on it!”

Dagmar- ” More like about 5 minutes too long!”

Like I said before – life is never dull with teenagers in the house!

Trend Setters

We had quite an interesting discussion at the lunch table yesterday. (I should say that the kids had quite an interesting discussion because it was one of those times that made Jan and I feel a little like a ping-pong ball as we tried to keep up.)

Dagmar, freshly home from her wonderful week at TeenPact Endeavor in Colorado, was trying to inform her siblings what was hot – and what was not.

Just in case you were at all curious about what the newest trends are among the youth in our country – here is the lowdown as I understood it. (But be advised – this could change at any minute!)

Planking is out.

PlankingPlanking – quite popular at our 4th of July get-together – is when you lay face down like a plank on something, take a picture and post it on Facebook for all your friends to see. The object is to find the most obscure thing to plank on – like a tree limb or the wing of a bi-plane.

Also out is  “Toothpicking” – when you take a picture of yourself standing on your head next to something – like by a telephone pole or street lamp. Of course – you put it on Facebook so all your friends can see how creatively amazing you are.

“Owling”, however,  is in.Owl“Owling” is when you crouch down, preferably in weird places like the roof of your car or the mailbox, use your arms as wings and pretend to be an owl. And – you guessed it – you put these pictures on Facebook to impress all your friends.

I’ll have to admit that it’s hard to stay on top of all this, let alone participate. I mean – really now- I get dizzy when I put my head down to tie my shoes, how in the world would I put my feet above my head to “toothpick”?!

And honestly – even if I could get on top of my mailbox – I’m afraid that my “owling” would look more like a chicken trying to lay an egg.

Let’s face it people -the only way we’re going to be “with it” is to beat these kids at their own game.

So I propose that we come up with our own “ing” activity. Something easy to do for all ages. Something that can be done anywhere – in any obscure or random place.

Something like ….


Seriously people – just think of the possibilities!

There’s napping in the recliner, on the couch, in the hammock, at the table, while waiting in line at the grocery store…

Napping…mouth open, mouth closed, sitting up, laying down, inside, outside!

Then we can take pictures of each other and post them on our Facebook pages and all of our friends would be impressed at how cool and hip we were!

Finally – we would be the trendsetters.  🙂

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

My kids had the thrill of a lifetime yesterday – thanks to Jimmy!

Jimmy is a home schooled kid who worked with my husband over the summer. Summer’s over and he’s ready to head off to college.

He also has his pilot’s license – and a plane.

He offered to take Jan up for a flight – and said the kids could come, too.

the planeJan – of course – said yes.

I – of course – started hyperventilating at the thought. You all know how I feel about heights.

Seriously – does that plane look big enough to fly?

terrifiedThe kids -of course – were very excited! They had never been in a small plane – actually – three of them had never been in any plane.

in the air

I have to admit that I could not watch.  I didn’t to totally humiliate my children with another melt-down,  so I dropped them off at the airport and went shopping. 🙂

I hoped that a little retail therapy would keep me from thinking about my babies thousands of feet in the sky with a kid who is barely older than my oldest in a plane that looks as small as the models my brother used to put together!

coming back to earth

It worked. I stayed relatively calm and composed – until I learned that Jimmy even Matt fly the plane for a little while.

landingI breathed a sigh of relief when they were all safely on the ground.

At least their feet were – their heads were still floating in the sky!

Thanks Jimmy – my kids will never forgot this flight! You’re a good guy.