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“Just Fencing in The Rain”

There’s a reason that farm wives like to live in the country.

Not only do we enjoy the peace and quiet of nature – but we also appreciate the fact that no one is around to see our fashion faux pas.

This fact became very clear to me recently while standing in the rain holding fence posts for my husband who was fixing the electric fence.

It wasn’t raining when we started – but it didn’t take long for the light drizzle to get heavier until soon my blue jeans were so wet that movement was difficult, especially on a wet and slippery hillside dotted with fresh cow pies.

Then my glasses got all steamed up and so covered with rain drops that I couldn’t see anything.

Which was good. Because I would have been mortified if I could see the damage the rain was doing to my head.

It wasn’t until later – when I was inside drying off  – that I glanced in a mirror and discovered what I really looked like.

The rain had totally soaked the top of my head, plastering the hair down, while the humidity in the air started frizzing the sides out until that hair was almost horizontal.

This unique look could only be described as Bozo the clown.

Not exactly my proudest fashion moment.

At least nobody saw me.

And I didn’t slip on a cow pie.

And I clean up good.

It’s all in a day’s work for a farm wife.

Our Scottish Lad

DSC_0157Our Buddy is know to be a bit obsessive about things. (You may remember his recent pica phase.)

He has now moved on – thanks to the books by GA Henty – into a Scottish phase.

So much so – that he asked for a kilt for his birthday.

God bless Nana Shirley. She came through with not just a kilt – but all the accessories!

He’s thrilled!

You’ll never guess what he wants next.

Yep. A bagpipe.

Um…we’ll have to see about that one.

A quick glance at my family tree doesn’t reveal any Scottish ancestors.  Which is probably okay – I sure wouldn’t want him developing a taste for haggis.

A Vintage Bridal Shower

It was such a special weekend!

We were able to honor my niece Milly at a one-of-a kind vintage bridal shower, hosted by her two amazing and very creative sisters ! They captured Milly to a T!

The original plan was to have a vintage picnic underneath huge sweeping oak trees – but the excessive rain through-out the week left our beautiful picnic spot a swamp. So they moved everything inside.

bicycle built for two

Well not quite everything. They did set up some games – like croquet, hoops, and badminton inside – but they left the vintage bicycle built for two outside where it was thoroughly enjoyed. (That’s my Dagmar in the front and my niece Millie – the blushing bride – in the back.)


Later – after many games and much visiting – we all moved into the “picnic area” where they had laid out quilts of all colors on the floor. Everyone found a seat as my mom, Milly’s Nana Shirley, gave a short devotional.

It was extra-special because my parents were also celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary that weekend. 🙂

DSC_0219In the middle of each quilt, our hostesses had thoughtfully packed a picnic lunch in beautiful wicker baskets. It was so fun to open those baskets – just like opening a gift!

Inside there was plenty of food for a “blanket-ful” of guests, each item beautifully packaged to look vintage.

Squeals of delight were heard around the room as the guests unpacked their baskets and discovered the treasures inside.

There were ribbon sandwiches – each individually wrapped in waxed paper and tied with string, beautiful red apples, and bags of freshly popped popcorn.

DSC_0245 The cream puffs with vanilla  filling that oozed out when you took a bite were a big hit on my quilt! As were the tiny meringues that melted in your mouth.

DSC_0222 Ice cold water and strawberry lemonade were served from mason jars.

DSC_0236And – at the very bottom – we discovered paper bags filled with lemon drops and a vintage box packed with delightful little iced petite cakes – both vanilla and red velvet.

While we were feasting, our hostesses provided us with paper, colored pencils and books of poetry for inspiration. Then they encouraged us to write Milly a poem or draw her a picture – as Mil herself was known to do on picnics -or any other time.

Cream puffs with oozing vanilla filling proved to be very inspiring – and many blankets produced some hilarious poetry! (Mine included!)

The girls did such a lovely job!  Everything was beautiful and so well planned. I felt like I had walked into a page from an Anne of Green Gables book!

“The girls went home by the light of a calm golden sunset …

All the basins among the hills were brimmed with topaz and emerald light…

‘It has truly been a golden day,’ said Priscilla.”

~Anne of Avonlea

Yes – it truly was a golden day!

Pedro’s New Toy

You will never believe what Pedro bought the other day.

I still can’t believe it – and I’ve seen it.

And heard it.

Pedro's guitar

He bought a used electric guitar.

With an amplifier.


I didn’t even know he wanted to play the guitar. This is the kid who has never played anything but his iPod.

And why an electric guitar? Why not an acoustic one?

Is this just a phase he’s going through? Like Dagmar’s horse phase, or her pirate phase?  Or will this one stick?

Will he actually figure out to play this thing? Or will it go to the attic and be one of those stories we will sometime tell our grandchildren – just like their Uncle Mark and his accordion?

Time will tell.

But for now, I have to admit that I’m proud of the fact that he wanted to learn something new, and figured out how to make it happen all on his own.

And I’m seriously considering investing in a good pair of ear plugs.

Life is never dull when you live with teenagers.


Grass Fire

It seems that two weeks ago was a busy one for our local volunteer fire department.

They fought the fire at Jan’s work, a house fire and three out of control grass fires all in 24 hours.

But it didn’t end there. There were at least two – but sometimes three – grass fires every day that week. Dagmar – after spending hours sitting in the ambulance watching grass burn – would come home complaining about the silly people who let things get out of control while burning ditches.

I mean honestly!grass fire

Fast forward to Saturday.

Jan and the boys are out helping Poppa burn his ditches. (You know what’s coming – don’t you?)

A gust of wind from the west sends the flames across the fire line and heads them into the pasture.

They’re spreading like – well – like wild fire.

All four guys rush to get it stopped.  Frantically beating out sparks. Just when they start wondering if they should call in the fire department – the wind changes, blowing the flames back on themselves.

Whew! Disaster averted.

The only damage done was to their pride.

And the pasture.

Oh – and Jan’s hair.

Did you know that hair melts when it gets really hot?

I spent some time on Saturday night cutting out the melted parts – or trying to – before church on Sunday morning.

I’m no barber. I’m afraid it looked a little like a “my wife cut my hair in the shadowy basement wearing bifocals when she was way too tired to hold scissors in her hand” kind of haircut.

I’m thankful he’s blond – it doesn’t show as much.

And that it’s only a bad hair cut – not first degree burns – or worse.

And that we didn’t need to call the fire department – I’m not sure Dagmar would have lived that one down!