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Time to Confess

I need to confess.

Now that Thanksgiving is over and everyone has jumped full force into Christmas – I will admit that we’ve been in Christmas mode for several days.

Even weeks.

We’ve been watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music and collecting our favorite Christmas recipes.

Christmas decorationsWe even decorated.

Last week-end.

Before Thanksgiving.


Tree. Lights. Wreaths. The works.


It feels good to come clean.

And now that the rest of you have joined us – let the season begin!

All Tied Up

DSC_0082Let’s talk about scarves, shall we?

I’ve noticed that there are some people who have that certain flair with scarves. Honestly, I think they could tie a plastic garbage bag around their neck and it would look good.

I am not one of those people.

I have scarves.

I like scarves.

But every time I pick up a scarf my mind goes blank.

How do you tie this thing?

I’ve googled “how to tie a scarf”.

I’ve pinned “100 ways to wear a scarf”.

I’ve even had my daughters teach me everything they know.

Still – I don’t feel comfortable. Maybe it’s because when I do wear a scarf the girls take one look at my awkward attempts, sigh, and then reach over to fix it.

I recently discovered a quick and easy tutorial to make an infinity scarf.  It’s basically a long tube that you wrap around your neck.

Thinking this was surely something even I couldn’t mess up – I made one and ran up to model it for Angel Girl.

“See,” I demonstrate, “even I can do this! You wrap it once or twice.”

I smile.

She smiles.

Then I wrap it once more.

“I can even wrap it three times!”

I smile.

She frowns and shakes her head.

Oh bother.

Guess I’m still scarf dependent.

Teenager In the House

Buddy turned thirteen last week.


I can’t believe my baby is a teenager!

A teen with his own box drum and Old Spice fragrance.

buddy's box drum

Who eats as much as Pedro.

And has no clothes that fit because he’s growing faster than I can buy them.

Definitely another teenager in the house.

This was the first year in several he didn’t concoct an elaborate Lego and Pika display for the top of his birthday cake.

Instead – he and Nana Shirley created a Minecraft cake.


You don’t get it?

Don’t feel bad. Neither did I. Or Jan. Or any of the four grandparents present. I guess it’s a part of a computer game they love to play.

While it didn’t have the drama of burning pika’s or flying M & M’s of his previous cakes – he was very proud of it.

And it did look remarkably like the photo on Pinterest – thanks to my amazing mom and her cake decorating skills.


Just in case you ever need to make one and my mom isn’t available to save the day – we baked 2 – 9 x 13 cakes and cut them down to 9 inch squares. She didn’t use fondant – instead she just smoothed the butter cream with a spatula. Buddy cut the squares out of red fruit roll-ups.

Yep. That birthday cake made it official.

Changes are coming.

We’ve got another teenager in the house.

A Visit from the Folks

My folks were here last week. 🙂

That sentence makes me smile.

They haven’t been here in almost a year. Although we had seen them frequently through-out the past year (2 weddings, a graduation, a camp-out, bridal showers, grandpa’s funeral, and even an early Christmas celebration), they hadn’t been here.

At my house.

So we had some catching up to do!DSC_0085

We had games to play, projects to work on, and a birthday to celebrate.

We had a trip to town – which included grocery shopping with my dad, a stop at the thrift store and coffee for the girls.

Of course – we visited both of the Amish stores so Mom and Dad could stock up.

And one afternoon Mom and I even escaped to a quilt store. As we drove out of the driveway we both realized that we had forgotten our cell phones and left my dad and 3 teens in charge of the house.

I think we went a little giddy with the freedom! After increasing our fabric stash at the quilt shop, we stopped at the newly-opened tea room for afternoon tea and gi-normous chocolate hazelnut muffins.DSC_0093

That sentence also makes me smile. 🙂

After consuming a few cups of tea – our highly caffeinated minds thought it would be a good idea to drive into the next town and find the thrift store.  And since we were right there – we hit the grocery store and dollar store.

When we escape – we do it right!

Thankfully the house was still standing when we returned. And everyone was still alive. The dishes were even done.

And we might have started a new tradition for the next time they visit!

Which we hope is soon.

Very soon.

A Million Little Decisions

We started in on the basement one week ago.

It began as a simple project – just replacing our small, very dated TV stand with a much larger unit someone had given us.

But that project lead to rearranging book shelves, which lead to replacing the nasty metal craft cupboard, which lead to…

You get the picture.

By the time we went to bed last Saturday we had created a monster of a project.

Every inch of available floor space was covered with stuff – all of the contents of the craft cupboard, books, toys, boxes, totes.

Just to get a jar of spaghetti sauce from the pantry shelves one had to first scale “mount donate”, leap over two tubs of playmobil, and zigzag through boxes of apples, spaghetti squash and random canning jars.


Twas a massive project.

I have touched a million little pieces and made a million little decisions. Marbles. Colored pencils. Paper of all kinds. Movies. CD’s. Books. Beads. Yarn. String. Puppets. Props. Costumes. Sewing patterns. Fabric. Games. Paints. Glues.

Even a disco ball.

It has taken me a week – but I see the light at the end of the tunnel, or at the least patches of carpet under the piles.

But it will soon be streamlined and organized.

Neat and clean.

And it will look better – much better.

And someday – hopefully – I will replace the millions of brain cells I lost in the midst of all those pieces.

Someone send chocolate.