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Pickle Wrap Dip

pickle dipI hear that the big game is Sunday.

Not that I even know which teams are playing.

Or care.

Actually – I wouldn’t even know the game was happening if it wasn’t for all the yummy “big game” foods on Pinterest.

And they all look so good!

Which leads me to a dilemma.

Is it be legal to make amazing game day foods and eat them – without actually watching the game?!

Could I sit quietly on my couch partaking of amazing Pickle Wrap Dip while rereading the Mitford series and listening to my favorite Andrew Peterson CD?

Would anyone know?

Or even care?

Perhaps it is legal to not watch the game – but it is definitely not morally right to keep the amazing Pickle Wrap Dip from you.

So I will share our favorite variation of the recipe and you can all make your own. 🙂

Amazing Pickle Wrap Dip

8 ounces of cream cheese
8 ounces sour cream
1 package dried beef
1/2 jar dill pickles

Cut the dried beef and the pickles into bite size pieces.

Combine the cream cheese and sour cream.. Add the pickles and dried beef.  Mix together and refrigerate for an hour for the flavors to mingle. (But honestly – we never do that – we just dig in!)

Recipe can be doubled – or tripled – if you are sharing.

Perfect with bagel chips, or crackers of any kind.


Now I have no guilt on Sunday night.

No game either.

Just Pickle Wrap Dip and Mitford.


Sherlock Mom

DSC_0236It’s interesting to share a kitchen with several teenagers, especially ones that work evenings.

I get up in the morning and do a post mortum on their night’s activities by reviewing the dishes in the sink.

Skillet, plate, and fork – Dagmar fried an egg at midnight when her shift was over. If it’s clean and in the drainer she had a good night. If it’s dirty and in the sink – it was a rough one. Don’t disturb her. Let her wake up on her own.

Cookie sheet and spatula coupled with a smell of burned cheese – Pedro brought home a frozen pizza after work. (One of the dangers of stocking the frozen foods.)

Glass and spoon – Dagmar had a good night and worked out at midnight followed by a protein powder shake. I better check the washer and dryer before using them because she probably also started laundry.

Pile of chicken bones and a fork – Pedro brought home another Wonder Chicken from work – meaning he once again succumbed to their enticing aroma.

Bowl with grease and salt residue and a few old maids – it had to be Buddy, the popcorn fanatic. If he could pop popcorn and not wake me up with the smell – it means he was up way too late. Time to review proper sleep guidelines for seventh graders.

Lovely pink jeweled stains on the counter and in a bowl – Angel Girl found the hidden pomegranate in the fridge. Since she loves dark chocolate with pomegranates, I’d better check the dark chocolate chips hidden in the freezer because she probably found them, too.

Let me tell you – it’s amazing what you can learn from a few dishes in the sink!

They don’t even realize they are leaving clues.

And they wonder how I know what they’ve been doing.


It’s Elementary my dear Watson.

‘Cause I’m Sherlock Mom.

And She Snaps…

We had a bit of a thaw this week.

And as soon I smelled that wet earth – something snapped in me.

I craved zucchini.

And fresh tomatoes.

And corn on the cob slathered with butter.

So I brewed a cup of tea, dug out my favorite Baker Creek Seed catalog and started dreaming beautiful garden dreams

Oh the possibilities!

Do I stick with the tried and true – or venture out into new varieties?

How about purple cauliflower?

Or black tomatoes?

Or speckled lettuce?

Most definitely I need tam jalapenos. But I’ll skip the ghost peppers this year.

I wonder how hot Thai chilies are?

Or a chocolate habanero?

Oh look – there’s an alligator squash!

And the lettuces! I’ll take one of each please.

I have to find the Moon and Stars watermelon – Jan had some last summer and said it was the sweetest and best melon he has ever eaten.

This list is getting really long!

I wonder how much I’m spending?

Is my garden space big enough for all this?

Oh wait – I’ve totally missed the entire section on herbs!

And I forgot the flower seeds!

I’m gonna need another pot of tea.


bananagramsExcuse me…

But have have any of you seen my schedule? You know – that thing where you allocate your time during the day so that you actually accomplish something?

I seem to have lost mine over Christmas.

It’s 9:00 in the morning as I write – and instead of checking math and going over a grammar lesson, I still have 3 sleeping students.

What’s worse – I have an overwhelming desire to eat chocolate and play around on Pinterest.

I really need to find this missing schedule.

I thought it might have gotten mixed up with the decorations – but I didn’t find it among the snowmen.

Maybe it’s packed away with the Christmas lights? No – I was missing it long before that.

Now that I think about it – I lost it just about the time Matt came home. So maybe I left it at the airport. Or maybe he took it?

No. It’s gotta to be around here somewhere.

I checked the family room – but all I found was a jigsaw puzzle. It’s almost finished now.

When I looked in the library I discovered a book and a warm quilt. There went an afternoon.

I haven’t checked the game cupboard.

Oh look! It’s Bananagrams!

Anybody want to play? We could eat chocolate!

Oh wait – that’s right. Gotta find that schedule.


And It’s Over…

It’s over for another year.

The gifts were wrapped and unwrapped.

Treats were made and eaten.

Candles were lit.

Games were played.

Family was visited. Hugs were given. Laughs were shared. Memories made.

Jesus was honored.

And it’s over.

The tree is down. Christmas decorations are replaced by snowmen. Matt is packing and will fly out tomorrow.

Jan is back to work. Home school will start up on Monday. Dagmar goes back to her regular schedule.

And I am at peace. Christmas happened and I didn’t miss it.

Once again that baby in a manger became more than a sweet old story.

As we sang the carols and heard the familiar words read again – “And the word became flesh and dwelt among us” – all the preparations and distractions faded away.

And the real meaning of Christmas was once again written on my heart.

It was all about a baby in a manger who grew to be the Savior of the world.

My Savior.

Christmas happened.

And I was there.