A Perfect Day in Autumn

An unbelievably perfect autumn day in the midwest! After a week of rain, the sun came out and we have beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures. I enjoyed a walk in the woods, with a lengthy stop on the dock of our pond to daydream a little. It’s amazing the problems that will work themselves out while you’re sitting on a dock with water lapping all around and blue skies hanging above. I was in need of a little “dock time” to relax and recharge. The leaves were swirling around above my head, catching air currents, then dropping to the pond. There the curled up leaves floated like tiny sailboats in the wind. I could hear the wind blowing, the crickets chirping, and every once in a while a fish coming up for air. Beautiful.

I took the long way home, along bridge trail. It winds its way from the pond deeper into the woods and is named because of a bridge we built that crosses the ravine (not a very creative title for a very beautiful trail.) As I rounded the last curve of the trail before the bridge, the corner of my eye caught sight of a very large bird taking off from a tree. My first thought was a great blue heron, but I was too far from the pond. I’m wondering if I spotted our elusive owl! We know she nests above the ravine near the bridge and we have caught glimpses of her in the past, and we think we have discovered her nest. We have yet to identify her, but every spotting gives us another clue!

It was a perfect way to end a perfect walk on a perfect autumn day!

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