Chocolate Apples?

What is it about the cooler fall weather that gives me an intense craving for caramel apples?

One such craving hit me the other night and built in intensity all evening. I began planning my treat, salivating over the crisp apple and the gooey caramel in my mind as I waited for the children to go to bed.

Just as soon as the lights were off I rushed downstairs to prepare my masterpiece. Imagine my disappointment when I opened the fridge and discovered that the caramel was gone!

My frantic searching soon led me to the perfect apple, but what could possibly replace the caramel? Than the idea hit me…Chocolate apples! What an inspiration!

Now my mind was in overdrive! I got out the rest of the Hershey’s chocolate bar that I had nibbled on while the children were played upstairs that afternoon, put it in a bowl with just a little milk and microwaved it until it melted.

After I gently and lovingly stirred it smooth, I quickly sliced an apple into cubes and put it in the bowl.

Then with a spoon I carefully lifted the first bite of chocolate and apple to my mouth. Oh my! It was heavenly! It was like chocolate fondue on a bowl!

That’s it! I’ll call it “The Fondue Bowl”. With each delicious bite my mind was whirling with potential! Just think of the things I could add next time!

Orange slices would be divine, so would almonds or pecans, or how about marshmallows? Oh, I’ve got it! Brach’s Caramels! But wait, why dip anything? Why not eat it with a spoon? Oh my! Now that’s an inspired idea!

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