Cold, Soggy Mess

I’ll have to admit, the weather is certainly not conducive to bird watching. Round after round of rain have made the ground saturated and the farm yard a big muddy mess. Even our free-ranging chickens are sticking closer to the coop. Being Red Comets and Rhode Islands Reds, a few rain drops usually doesn’t bother them much. This week-long deluge is a different story.

We also have 100 Cornish-Cross broilers that are about 6 weeks old and they really don’t like the wet weather! My 10 year old son and I just spent a long half hour rounding them up, making sure they were okay and under cover for another wet night. By the way, did you know that wet chicken manure is very slippery….enough said!

My brother-in-law just loves the rainy days for watching nature, especially in the spring and the fall. He just throws on his slicker, grabs the binoculars and takes off on a very soggy nature hike. It always amazes me the things he would see that on a normal day we would miss. Things like migrating birds sitting on the ponds waiting, momma deer and the fawns quietly feeding in the underbrush, pond mammals like mink or muskrats swimming. I wonder if the gentle sound of the rain and the wind hid the sound of his approaching?

Maybe tomorrow instead of bemoaning another day of rain and the extra work it entails, I should embrace it. Maybe I should leave the warmth and dryness of the house and the mud puddles of the farm yard to venture out through the pastures, the prairie and the woodlands. Maybe then I would see a different side of a rainy day and appreciate it all the more.

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