Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

smoothieIt’s hot.

Really, really hot.

I mean beastly hot.

And of course it’s time to bale hay.  So when the guys have been out in the brutal heat all afternoon – I like to have something really cold and refreshing waiting for them.

Something like this frozen strawberry lemonade.

It took seconds to whiz up in the blender and was a big hit with my hot crew.

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

2 cups of lemonade
1-2 cups of frozen strawberries
2 cups of ice cubes
1-2 tablespoons sugar (as needed)

Dump all the ingredients in the blender and give it a whirl for a minute or two. Pour into glasses and enjoy!

Serves 4 normal people but only 1 hot and thirsty kid whose been haying.

I’ve linked this post with Tasty Tuesday at Balancing Beauty and Bedlam and Tempt My Tummy Tuesday at Blessed with Grace.

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7 Responses

  1. Yum!!! Gotta give this one a try…SOON!

  2. Grew lots of strawberry’s for the first time this year.Got quite a lot considering they were first year plants.We froze 90% of them and ate the rest,we were going to keep them for pancakes.Now we are going to try this,they are very sweet,maybe no sugar to start.

  3. Hey Melinda! Is the lemonade already sweetened, or do you use unsweetened? Looks yummy!

  4. Hey Heather! I used sweetened lemonade made from concentrate (you know the Minute Maid cans you get in the freezer aisle) but a Country Time powdered Mix would also work! Thanks for asking! Enjoy!

  5. This looks & sounds so tasty & refreshing. I am looking forward to giving it a whirl!

  6. I could go for one of these right now! I live in Alabama, and it’s been extremely hot here. I can’t wait to cool off with this.

  7. This recipe looks really good!