Something From Nothing: Cherry Jelly

A few days ago when the kids and I were stoning all the cherries from our cherry trees, I noticed that the containers full of the stones were filling with juice from the bits of cherry left on each stone.

Being the Thrifty Lady that I am, I put all of the stones in a colander over a bowl and let them sit.

I was amazed to gather enough cherry juice to make a small batch of cherry jelly!

I just followed the directions carefully on the box of Sure-Jell. It took me about 25 minutes from start to finish and I ended up with 3 pint jars of cherry jelly and one half-pint.

I figured up the cost to be about 62 cents for a pint and 31 cents for a half-pint. This cost included the sugar, pectin, and the flats. I didn’t include the cost of the jar or rings because I already have them and reuse them every year.

If you weren’t as set up to can the jelly as I am, it is even easier to put the jelly in the freezer after it’s made.

If for some reason the jelly doesn’t set, for no more time time or money, just rename it cherry syrup and serve it over pancakes! You’ll still be a Thrifty hero because you created something from nothing!

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